Our company develops and produces programming hardware for ICs since 2003. We manufacture: prototyping breadboard PWCs, adapter PCBs, hardware emulators.








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KDFL.301411.243 prototyping breadboard PWC for 8-bit AVR RISC microcontroller with 128 kB EEPROM intrasystem programmable memory


  • USB interface for PC connection;
  • Intrasystem ISP serial programming interface;
  • High-voltage parallel programming interface;
  • JTAG programmer and intrasystem debugger;
  • Adjustable power supply 0.7-6.0V;
  • Adjustable reference voltage supply 0.7-6.0V;
  • Crystal oscillator with frequency range 1-24 MHz;
  • Programmable clock generator with frequency range 14.06Hz – 3.686 MHz;
  • Contact device for 4203.64-2 64-pin package;
  • Contact device for 40-pin DIP package;
  • IO pads;
  • Extension pads and pads for USART, TWI, SPI, One Wire, LCD12864, LCD1604; KDFL.441464.011 interfaces;
  • User-assignable LEDs and buttons;
  • Compatibility with KDFL.301411.247 environment;
  • Compatibility with third party AVR programmers.

Adapter PCB is designed for microcontroller connection to Amtel ATSTK600 multi-function debugging kit. It is a mezzanine module with installed microcontroller.




Prototyping breadboard PWC for 16-bit RISC microcontroller with CAN interface and Flash memory for programs


  • Printed board with I/O pads and breadboard field;
  • Microcontroller module board;
  • External Flash memory module board;
  • CAN-interface module;
  • Power supply


Applied program development adapter


  • Adapter board with interface pads and connector;
  • Software CD;
  • Power supply.





Breadboard prototyping PWB for 16-bit microconverter with multi-channel DAC, ADC and EEPROM program memory


  • Printed board with IO pads and breadboard field;
  • Microconverter module board;
  • External Flash memory module board with 16-bit bus (32K 16-bit words);
  • External Flash memory module board with 8-bit bus (64K 8-bit words);
  • Power supply.